The work of Symbiosis in Bangladesh is carried out under the overall management and oversight of Symbiosis International, an NGO registered in Australia and based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our dedicated staff working in our local organisation, Symbiosis Bangladesh, are essential to our success. The local transfer of knowledge and experience in all walks of life enables Symbiosis to facilitate change without destroying the culture or sense of identity of village communities.

We are also working with a nationally governed counterpart to Symbiosis International in Bangladesh.


Symbiosis Executive Leadership

Dr. Morris Lee, Executive Officer, Symbiosis International

Dr. Morris Lee lived in Bangladesh for 14 years to 1991 and has since divided his time between Australia and Bangladesh. Fluent in Bengali and with a background in rural technology and religious studies, he has spent most of his career working among the poor in Bangladesh to find sustainable and empowering solutions to poverty there. Dr. Lee is responsible for Symbiosis’ Strategic Planning in association with executive staff in Bangladesh, as well as coordinating the programs of Symbiosis Bangladesh and the implementation of the vision of Symbiosis International.

Dr. Abdur Rahman, Country Director, Symbiosis Bangladesh

Dr. Abdur Rahman is a Medical Doctor with 34 years of experience with the Government Health Ministry in Bangladesh. With expertise in training, leadership, research and community development, Dr. Rahman has worked in senior level management for many years. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor for the School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences at James Cook University in Australia. Dr. Rahman has been a friend and supporter of Symbiosis since it began in 1995, and in 2014 became Country Director of Symbiosis Bangladesh.

The Symbiosis International Board


Lecturer and researcher with expertise in agriculture and environment.

NEIL PARKER Deputy Chair

Doctor specialising in public health medicine.


Marine Research Scientist with extensive experience travelling and working in Bangladesh.


Management consultant with experience in the public and private sectors.


Qualified Chartered Accountant and CPA specialising in business development.


Marketing and policy background and ten years’ experience in development, working cross-culturally.


Qualified teacher, community organiser and advocate for social justice.

MORRIS LEE ex-officio

CEO and Co-founder of Symbiosis and has worked in development in Bangladesh for 40 years.