Symbiosis runs teacher training and mobile screening services in schools to ensure that eye problems can be corrected early, and cataract eye camps are run in remote areas for those too poor to travel. A clinic where lenses are made is also open to the public.

The simplest intervention can mean so much

Ten year old Ramim, arrived at a Symbiosis eye camp complaining of very itchy eyes.  The doctor gave him a month supply of eye-drops and strict instructions to stop playing in the Madrassa pond. He’ll now need to bathe at the village water pump.

Ramim’s Mum is grateful for the help—she was widowed last year and is doing all she can to provide for her five children. Times are tough and she isn’t a member of a Symbiosis group.

Ramim is one of over 28,000 children who have been helped through the Symbiosis Eye Health Project.