Independent Community Based Organisations grow from our network of Symbiosis groups


from their Symbiosis Group networks helps them flourish


Advocacy for their communities enables them to gain access to essential government services


larger scale income generation projects are possible, increasing growth in the economic impact in their local areas

Advocating for services in remote communities

Bilkis stands outside the new community health clinic with her one month son and gratefully recounts the care she received throughout her third pregnancy.  “The health workers would check my progress regularly and make sure the baby was ok”.  She was also able to get immunisations for her two older children.

This twice-a-month service is significant for the remote communities living on the sandbars of the Jamuna River who have no access to electricity and battle frequent floods.  However, the Jamuna Community Organisation, representing 13 Symbiosis groups, worked with local leaders to advocate for the satellite clinic.

Jamuna Community Organisation is one of 19 community organisations already registered with the Bangladesh government, with another 41 in the process of registration.

Symbiosis is currently investigating opportunities to partner with the growing number of community organisations to expand services and invest in profitable enterprises.
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