Symbiosis has assisted the communities within which they work by establishing a number of pre-schools, primary schools and tutorial centres in areas where government services are more limited.

Symbiosis Pre-Schools

Attending pre-school is a pre-requisite to attending primary school.

Where government services are yet to reach villages and communities in the Symbiosis working area, Symbiosis have set up pre-schools to encourage children to prepare to eventually attend a local primary school – both through pre-learning as well as becoming accustomed to the habit of attending school regularly.

As the Symbiosis Groups become empowered through a collective Community Based Organisation, they are encouraged to advocate to their local government representatives in their area, and seek government support to then maintain these pre-schools in their area now and into the future.

Symbiosis Primary Schools

Symbiosis supports five local primary schools on the Jamuna River Development Project.

While primary schools are accessible in this area, flooding can sometimes prevent children from reaching their schools during the wet season even if only a couple of kilometres away.  Symbiosis has established a small number of schools located in villages within the Symbiosis project area to ensure education is always accessible and not disrupted by weather events.

We are grateful to Partners In Aid who are long term supporters of this work.

Symbiosis Tutorial Centres

Opening in 2017 these tutorial centres provide educational support for 200+ students from the Horijon community needing some additional help with their studies.  These students located in the Symbiosis working area, come from the low-caste Hindu community called the Horijon – the so-called untouchables.

Shy at first but now keen to learn

8 year old Romjam is a little older than the usual pre-schooler. Last year, when his parents were approached by Symbiosis workers about his education, he was too reluctant to attend.  But after seeing others, Romjam turned up this year and is motivated to work hard.

Romjam doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up.  But his classmates are hoping to become policemen, teachers and rickshaw drivers.

Romjam is one of over 6,000 disadvantaged students who have attended a Symbiosis preschool where they develop the basic literacy and numeracy skills needed to be accepted into their local primary school.