Symbiosis runs a range of training programs for group members and their families to develop skills that help to generate income and improve their livelihood

in rural areas

  • animal rearing
  • aquaculture
  • horticulture
  • sewing

at a regional training centre

  • sewing
  • hairdressing
  • computing
  • driving

The reward of resourcefulness

Sabina joined the “Sunrise” group when it began four years ago.  She admits that to be able to contribute weekly savings, she scrimped it from her market money without her husband knowing. “I bought the cheapest food.”

Since completing three months of sewing training with Symbiosis, Sabina took a loan from her group to buy her own sewing machine.  She is able to supplement the family budget with the clothes she makes and repay her loan back to the group savings fund (without dipping into the family food budget).

“My husband is very supportive now and my daughter have a chance for a better future!’

Sabina is one of nearly 5,500 women who have received training through the Symbiosis sewing initiatives.