Within a local Symbiosis Group, Bangladesh’s poorest people are:


developing relationships of trust, support and mutual growth


gaining skills and knowledge needed to create their own solutions


pooling, managing and investing their own resources

How it works

Inspiring others with her success

Hearing about the success of other groups in the Mymensingh slum area, Jushna was keen to join a Symbiosis group.

Through the group she gained a functional education and often shares what she learns with her neighbours.  “At first they weren’t interested, but now they have seen my success they are keen to learn also”.

Jushna is now running a successful road-side food stall, started with a loan from her group.  She has since repaid that loan and accumulated around four months of savings. These funds are lent out to other group members to run their own small business ventures.

Together, the group hopes to save enough to buy land to build their own homes away from the slum.

Jushna’s group is one of 978 Symbiosis groups throughout Bangladesh with a total membership of 17,885 with collective savings and investments of nearly AU$2 million.