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Wishing you a (Bengali) Happy New Year!

Pohela Boishakh, or New Year’s Day in Bangladesh marks the beginning of the Bengali calendar and the season of Grisshokal (summer).

Pohela Boishakh is usually marked by spending time with family, visiting fairs and wearing new clothes, in particular in the colours of red and white. A number of culinary delicacies are also prepared to welcome the New Year.

Sadly this year, Bangladesh is in the grip of a fast moving new wave of COVID, which has resulted in further restrictions and lockdowns in recent weeks. Below is an update on the current situation and how our team is responding.

Reports coming from Bangladesh continue to identify a rise in child marriages, driven by increasing job insecurity, poverty and uncertainty for the future for those most in need. Read more about how our work is making a difference and find out more about the causes and outcomes of child marriage.

Our annual breakfast is taking place again and we can’t wait to gather together with everyone online on Saturday, 1 May. Details of when registration will begin below.

A very Happy Shubho Nobo Borsho to you all and we look forward to connecting with you on 1 May!