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Fundraising is a great way to bring people together to do good. We are thankful to the network of supporters who generously gift their time and talents to raise finances that foster partnerships with communities in Bangladesh.

Our work is only possible because of committed people. Be part of the change and help Symbiosis International through fundraising. Our Fundraising Guideline is linked below to help you get started.

How It Works

Get Started

It all begins with your idea. There are so many great ways to fundraise! 

We’ve listed just a couple below to help you think about what you’d like to do. It doesn’t have to be complex – keep it simple and consider your interests, capacity, timeframe and available resources.

Tell us your Plan

To host a fundraising event/activity for Symbiosis International, you must apply to our Fundraising team.

Read our fundraising guideline, fill out the application and send it back to 

[email protected]

We’ll seek to respond within a fortnight letting you know if you’re approved to proceed with fundraising for us

And Action!

Once the all clear is given from our Fundraising team, we’ll contact you and then you can get started. We’ll stay in touch to ensure you have what you need to promote the event and even help you set up your online fundraising platform via Grassrootz.

Fundraising Guideline

Before you begin there’s a few things you should know.

Download our Fundraising Guideline

Following our guidelines helps our team best allocate time, resources and provide informed advice.

Application Form

Send in your application to our Fundraising team.

Download our Application Form 

After we’ve assessed your application, we’ll get in touch to discuss the outcome.

Create an Online Fundraising page

When your application is approved we encourage you to:

Create an Online Fundraising page via Grassrootz

We are here to help you get an online page started email: [email protected] 

** Please note, Symbiosis International reserves the right to decline applications and not associate with events which are not in line with its fundraising guidelines, in the best interest of the organisation or which have the potential to compromise the welfare of the fundraiser or the health and safety of others. As a member of ACFID Symbiosis International is committed to adhering to the requirements of the ACFID Fundraising Charter **

Here's some ideas

Go for it: Host a Bake Sale, Breakfast, Ball or Trivia Night.  

Go Local: Have a Garage Sale, Car Wash or BBQ  

Get Loud: Busk on a street corner, at the market or music hall

Get Active: Organise an active event or join an event near you

Get together: Host a Curry Night at home

Give Back: Got everything you need? Invite friends to donate for your Birthday

Go BIG: Bring people together for an idea bigger than what we’ve got!

Still have questions? Find answers in our Fundraising FAQs or contact us

Working Together for Good

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