and Training

Symbiosis runs a range of training programs for group members and their families to develop skills which help to generate income and attain employable skills. By accessing training, participants understand their strengths and build livelihoods which support themselves and their families.

Vocational Training

Symbiosis Savings Group Member_Loan for Livestock (1)

Animal Rearing

Hair and Beauty Training 2

Hair and Beauty

Training _Agriculture


Group sewing


two young boys with a computer

Computer Skills

Motor Vehicle Driver Training

Following their training, many participants and group members go on to establish their own businesses, become local entrepreneurs, gain employment or most importantly improve income, food and livelihood security
for their families.

Community Awareness Raising

Our Symbiosis Groups discuss many topics to raise awareness on issues affecting daily life. This knowledge is sometimes shared beyond our groups in community education sessions. Our field staff will conduct awareness raising workshops on a number of different topics that are locally relevant, including but not limited to:

Women's Rights




Child Growth Monitoring


Sanitation and Hygiene

Working Together for Good

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