Misti makes her own way

Pictured: Misti practicing hair curling at the Symbiosis training center in Mymensingh.

Misti Dio is 22 years old. She grew up in a small village in the northern Mymensingh district.

Struggles with finances

Misti didn’t want to get married. However, her family faced difficult financial circumstances when she was in secondary school and her father felt this may be their only option. Misti was only in grade ten when this idea was first suggested.

Despite both her parents working, their income was not enough to provide for her and her brother. Misti decided she would look for work to support her family and try to avoid early marriage.

Some time later, still trying to avoid early marriage, she approached her mother’s employer. Thankfully the employer by the name of Mr Jewel showed Misti the Symbiosis Training center.

He was empathetic to Misti’s situation and encouraged her to supplement her education with Symbiosis skills training in Mymensingh. Misti’s parents agreed to this plan.

Graduation and Work

 In 2021, Misti graduated from the Hair and Beauty Training college. On top of that she has also passed her secondary school studies and SSC exams.

Grateful for quality training and the opportunity to finish her schooling, Misti has been working in a parlour in Dhaka since then.  Earning 7000 Tk. (100 AUD) every month, she is able to send money to her family and plan for her own aspirations of establishing a larger parlour.  

This story was collected by Hair and Beauty Training Project Manager, Nahida Khanam. The Hair and Beauty Training is supported by partner EmpowerAid.

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