National Mourning Day Observance 2023

Photo: Commemorations held at the Symbiosis Bangladesh Administration Office (Dhaka) 

On Tuesday 15 August 2023, Symbiosis Bangladesh marked the 48th martyrdom anniversary of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, by observing National Mourning Day. 

This solemn occasion holds deep historical importance for Bangladesh. To commemorate, the entire Symbiosis Bangladesh team came together to remember this day. Black badges were respectfully worn by all staff members, and somber banners were thoughtfully displayed across project areas. 

This collective gesture served as a heartfelt tribute to the memory of the nation’s founder, his family as well as the deepest respect and reverence held by the whole organisation for the nation’s history.

Photographed are Symbiosis Bangladesh team members paying their respect at the Dhobaura Haluaghat Project, Mymensingh Friendship Tower and Symbiosis Bangladesh Administration Office (Dhaka).

For more information on National Mourning Day Observance across Bangladesh, please refer to articles published in the Dhaka Tribune and The Daily Star.


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