Pictured: Padma attending audit and reporting training with Project Manager Farida

Padma is a registered Community-based organisation (CBO) with the Bangladesh Government Women’s Affairs Bureau. They first established themselves in 2008 and currently are comprised of 29 savings groups, with 560 members working across ten villages in the Gazipur district.

In fact, Padma has grown so large it is intending to divide itself into four smaller CBOs to improve it’s operational reach and effectiveness across the region.

The focus of the CBO is to build opportunities and support for vulnerable and impoverished people in the community by helping them access rice and wheat distributions, maternity & widow allowances, education stipends and resources like clothing. They also seek to raise awareness locally about gender equality, child rights and health.

Investment, Partnership and Training

The CBO total capital is Tk, 3,337,700. This capital is being utilised for a variety of income generating activities such as but not limited to, cattle rearing, poultry farming,
bakery businesses, tea and tobacco shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, CNG auto-rickshaws, vegetable cultivation, fruit trading, fish farming, dried fish businesses and tree

By expanding its influence and distributing their skills and knowledge across the region, Padma hopes to form partnerships to allow them to work in new villages with other disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

Because of their registered status, Padma has been able to collaborate with a private company to provide free sewing training to 30 members in one of their working areas. The training program is ongoing.

Help groups like Padma grow

While Symbiosis currently maintains an ongoing relationship and gives some support to Padma through the local Project Manager, Padma largely operates with minimal support. In time, Padma and CBOs which evolved from it will seek to graduate from the Symbiosis model meaning they will no longer require project assistance.

Give now to the Symbiosis International 2023 Change for Good Appeal:

Your donation will support groups like Padma continue to be powerful agents of change in their community.

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