Sabina’s Passion

Pictured: Sabina (left) with her husband Chan Mia (right)

Sabina lives in the Sirajganj district. She is 38 years old and a housewife. Her husband Chan Mia is a labourer. They have two daughters- Hasina and Lipi and both are married.

Sabina lost her home and livelihood due to a flood 10 years ago. She and her husband now live in a small village called Nishchintopur, where they work as laborers to make ends meet. Despite their struggles, they have never given up and continue to work hard to support their family.

Sabina makes a start

In 2012, Sabina Begum started her journey with functional education and acquired skills in various fields. She completed her classes and formed a group called Golap Mahila Samiti consisting of 20 members who contribute 50 taka per week towards their savings. They currently have a savings of 297,325 taka collectively and Sabina has a personal savings of 15,000 taka. 

Sabina utilizes her skills to earn a livelihood and actively participates in discussions about income- generating activities within the group. She manages to balance her household chores and looks for opportunities to supplement her husband’s income. Sabina took out a loan of 20,000 taka and started a cattle farming business. After repaying her first loan, she took out another loan of 20,000 taka and sold her cows for a profit, which she used to purchase a horse carriage. She repaid her second loan and bought another cow using a third loan of 10,000 taka.

Currently, Sabina manages her household and raises her cattle while her husband operates the horse carriage, earning a monthly income of 15,000 to 18,000 taka. 

Education for girls

Sabina had a passion for learning and education. She joined Symbiosis and learned how to read and write. Now, she has her own source of income and has been teaching girls how to read and write, and even helped arrange weddings in her community. 

Together with her husband, they live a comfortable life. Her dream is to have a small cow farm, and with her determination and hard work, she can make it happen. By starting a small business like this, Sabina can not only provide for herself and her family but also contribute to the community. Investing in a small cow farm could also bring economic benefits to the area. Sabina’s story is inspiring, and her dedication to education and hard work is admirable. By pursuing her dreams and setting an example, she is making a positive impact on her community.

Respect from all

Sabina doesn’t consider herself helpless anymore. She has learned that in order to survive, one must work hard. She must support herself financially. This way, she doesn’t have to rely on anyone else in society or in her personal life. She can hold her head up high in front of everyone. She has earned respect from all.

This interview and story was prepared by Project Manager Hazrat Ali Jamuna River Sandbar (Char) Peoples Development Project (JRDP).

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