International Volunteer Day

Brett Vizard
An interview with Brett Vizard

International Volunteers Day celebrated on December 5 is a date to celebrate and promote volunteering.

This year, we’d like to recognise one of our most dedicated volunteers, Brett Vizard.

If you’ve made a donation to Symbiosis , it means you’ve probably interacted with Brett. Coming into the Brisbane Office every Wednesday morning for the last four (4) years, Brett helps us administer and send out receipts for each donation made by Symbiosis supporters.

How did you learn about the work of Symbiosis? And what first made you interested?  

I didn’t know much about Bangladesh when I first started. I was asked by the chairman of Symbiosis at the time if I could help Symbiosis with the receipts.  In my time with Symbiosis I have learnt about its positive impact in Bangladesh.  I love serving others, and witnessing lives being changed.  I also love working with the Symbiosis family, being encouraged and challenged and being an encouragement to others. 

What have you learnt since volunteering for the organisation?  

I am learning that not matter how large or small our skills or talents, they are best when we work together.

Do you have any encouragement for supporters or other people who may be interested in helping Symbiosis?  

I am seeing on a weekly basis how Symbiosis supporters are changing lives.  It’s not how big or small you think your contribution is, it’s your willingness and availability.

The International Volunteering Day theme for 2022 is ‘Solidarity through Volunteering’, inspiring people to take collective action and to recognise the role volunteering plays in the future of communities worldwide. Brett will tell you he plays a small part in the Symbiosis picture but the way he volunteers plays a big part in the Australia teams week. Turning up diligently each Wednesday, his attitude and energy is second to none and it makes all the difference.

If you’ve been inspired by Brett’s story and have got time, skills or talents we’d love to hear from you – Volunteer with us

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