Recognising Lyndall Purcell

Interview with Lyndall Purcell

Lyndall Purcell joined the Symbiosis International Board in June 2013.
After serving diligently for nearly 10 years, Lyndall is stepping away from her role as a Board Member. We couldn’t let her go without getting reflections from her time helping the organisation navigate change and challenges over the years.

What has been the highlight?
The highlight was, and still is, hearing the stories – the changes in the lives of the poor in Bangladesh – who, without the work of Symbiosis were caught, in poverty with no hope. That is what makes it all worthwhile.

What was your most memorable contribution?
Completing the submission (with plenty of help particularly from David Yates) for ACFID and ANCP and achieving ACFID Accreditation.

Which of the Symbiosis Values represent you?
Cultural sensitivity and relationship (with a bit of innovation).

Do you have a particular story from Bangladesh that struck you and what is it?
The story of Salma (from the October 2019 Newsletter) is one that resonates with me. Salma is described as ‘feisty’, she is the eldest of 5 children. She was determined to gain a tertiary education as an adult and resisted pressures to marry early so she could continue her studies. Salma started working with Symbiosis in 2001 for a number of different projects, till she became the Project Manager for an integrated development project in Tangail. She is known for her willingness to speak her mind in the pursuit of justice for women in Bangladesh, combined with spending time with her husband and her teenage son when not at work.

What do you see as the challenges in the future?
Keeping the work relevant with ongoing changes in Bangladesh – particularly with increased education and work opportunities for the population.  How will we identify those most in need in 10 years?

What would you like to say to the current and potential supporters of Symbiosis?
This is an incredible NGO, with strong foundations in both the culture and the people of Bangladesh.

Thank you – Dhonnobad – ধন্যবাদ – Lyndall for all that you have done for Symbiosis International.

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