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Photo (L-R) : Country Director Dr. Abdur Rahman, Graduate Shammi and Project Manager Nahida Khanam at the graduation ceremony for the September long course graduates.

Interviews by Debra Robinson

We always make sure the students graduating from the Hair and Beauty Training course are celebrated. In September 2022, eight long course graduates received their certificates having completed five months of hair and beauty training. This is a milestone in their personal journey and one we hope which elevates them towards where they want to be.

Recently, volunteer Debra Robinson, who regularly visits Bangladesh to support the Hair and Beauty Training project sat down and interviewed three graduating students – Maisa, Bilkis and Shammi – to understand what life will look like after their time in the training college


“I have finished my course and am now confident and have a job and I will give my 100%. Thanks to Symbiosis and Training I received”.

We cannot wait to see what Maisa will do. When first introduced, she was fearful of starting as a young woman who is juggling work and supporting her family. These fears didn’t last long, upon graduation she has already secured a beautician job in Dhaka in a Parlour at Moghbazaar.  To take up this opportunity, her Mother will take care of her daughter in her village home, Dhoubaura and her husband is staying in Mymensingh to study as she gets to work in Dhaka.


 “Now I know all the work and feel confident I can get a job.  Because of this course I can live with my husband in Dhaka”. 

Bilkis is nineteen years old, she is known as friendly, outgoing and someone who likes learning new things.  She admits she knew nothing about Hair & Beauty before starting the course, “but now I know many things”, she says.  Upon finishing the course her husband picked her up and they returned to Dhaka for her to look for a Parlour job.  Her husband has a garments job in Dhaka, so now they can live together. 


“Now I have an identity as a beautician and feel proud & confident”.

Shammi embodies determination. When Shammi returns home she will make plans to open her own Parlour. Shammi originally enrolled in our Short Course BATCH 25 in 2017 and had to leave after 7 days.  She enrolled again BATCH 26 in 2017 and did not finish.  Finally in 2022 she has completed the Course! Since starting her original course Shammi has married but her husband has health issues.

Every student’s story and time spent with us, gives perspective and appreciation for what they all bring to the training program. 

About the Interviewer: Debra Robinson has been travelling to Bangladesh for 11 years as a volunteer for Empower Aid and Symbiosis International. She enjoys coming home with a new outfit from much loved Fairtrade boutique Aarong and loves the friendships and the time she gets to spend each visit with the staff members who lead the program in Bangladesh.

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