Symbiosis staff conference 2024

Pictured: The conference evening program included our talented staff in dance, song and even a judo demonstration that got everyone on their feet!

At our recent staff conference, Symbiosis staff and their families gathered for a significant time of connection and celebration, exhortation and training (as well as a few games). It was our first chance to gather like this for four years due to covid and funding constraints and the excitement was huge! 

Country Director, Dr Rahman, and the Event Coordination team did an amazing job pulling together a program that included the ever-essential speeches, training and reporting, drama, music and dancing, games and, of course, food. In the outdoor area, there were demonstration booths by our hair and beauty, eye-health, maternal and child health teams. And even a photo booth that was well utilized by all.

This year, the guest list included three leaders from each of the eight communities where we work. We wanted to engage them in the family environment and help them connect with others like themselves. They were delighted to be involved and some also brought their wares to sell.

The atmosphere was incredible and I wasn’t the only one to notice. The venue owner stopped by at one point and commented to me. “There is such joy here! I have never seen such joy.” I replied, “There is much love here and with much love, great joy”.

The joy sadly turned to tears when one guest, the wife of one of our key staff from our organisation’s beginnings, collapsed and could not be revived. Yet again, it was the love that each person had for one another that saw our team pull together beautifully.

Our team are an incredibly dedicated bunch who are passionate about seeing people empowered and overcoming poverty by working together. Their love and commitment for the work and for one another inspires me, and I am delighted that they could have a time of gathering together for mutual encouragement.

My special thanks to those who donated to the conference, who were involved in organising such a wonderful event and the foreign visitors who joined in the celebrations.

Also, a huge thanks to Tiana Jara and the team from Australia who ran a children’s program for the 60 children present! It was a joy to hear of how the teenage children of our staff were able to assist with translating. They are a bright young generation of future workers. 😊

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the registration of Symbiosis in Bangladesh. You are invited to join in on the celebrations or give $155 to support a family of four to attend the conference!

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