Stories of Hope

Sabina’s Passion

Pictured: Sabina (left) with her husband Chan Mia (right) Sabina lives in the Sirajganj district. She is 38 years old and a housewife. Her husband Chan Mia is a labourer. They have two daughters- Hasina and Lipi and both are married. Sabina lost her home and livelihood due to a flood 10 years ago. She …

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Subarna’s Joy

Subarna (left) with her children (centre) and her husband Shahidul (right). Sometimes our stories make escaping poverty sound like a recipe – meet Symbiosis, learn, save, loan, work, and presto! Symbiosis does follow a simple process on paper, which is on purpose. We need to work with communities using a model they understand, work within …

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Towards daily choices

Pictured: Aleya and Moniruzzaman with their daughter Development occurs through the compound effect of change, both small and large. It’s hard to see this sometimes, discussion on ‘development’ often presents either a statistical view (presenting people’s lives as numbers and data) or discusses the macro view (institutional change and big picture thinking). Development discussions are …

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